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Jan 1, 2013 7:00am EST
the democrats got, but i am worried on the second dell as they want to put social security on the line. it does nothing to do with the deficit. our taxes paid into social security. it has nothing to do with debt. i do not know why the republicans -- the republicans have been trying to get rid of social security for 70 years now and have not gotten it done. they want to take the money and give congress a raise. they want to take people's social security money and give congress a raise and what are they doing? nothing. then they want to take money and give it to the pentagon. they put all of the money into these outfits, but they want to cut social security. host: john, ap reported this morning that officials decided to use the measure to prevent the pay raise for lawmakers. i want to let you know that, and also, if you are concerned about social security on the table in what is called round two after the 113th congress convenes, which happens this thursday, by the way, at noon. they will be sworn in. "washington journal" will be up there on capitol hill talking to new lawmakers. you are concerne
Jan 3, 2013 7:00am EST
the road, i've been here since 1995, only way you get big deals through other than dell terraform is it has to be bipartisan. that's what mitch mcconnell has said. if you are going to move the balanced budget act of 1997, that was divided government. obamacare was different because democrats had control of everything. when we talk about tax reform or entitlements, things on the table, there's zero little hope. but the way negotiations went over the last month on the fiscal cliff., i am not cliff. host: dan is a republican in youngstown, ohio. caller: past generations have suffered through the bad times and so did the good times, but they did not pass massive amounts of debt down to the next generation. that is what we are doing. democrats, especially the ones in the senate that have gone even more democratic, because they are firmly entrenched with obama that they are going to increase revenue and not cut spending. they don't even recognize spending is a problem. for us to continue the path -- to pass this data on to our children or grandchildren, if there's any decent person in washington
Jan 6, 2013 7:00am EST
time try dell getting the job. players used their staff as messagers and backen but never empowered them to solve the problem. could the staffers have done better? guest: as a former staffer you always think that you know all the solutions but it is the members of congress and senators that have to face election. it is a lot easier to get in a back room without worrying about constituents and solve these problems. i know a lot of staffers would be mortified with what bob woodward had to say. you don't want to get out ahead of your boss and the bosses are the ones who put the names on the ballot and ones that face the scrutiny. so, you really can't solve it without the principals. host: it didn't work for speaker bane are. guest: it didn't and it didn't work in the debt limit debacle. i have a lot of respect for bob woodward. i'm not quite sewer i understood what that -- not quite sure i understood what that was getting at. staffers can only go so far and it is up to members to legisl e legislate. anyway, interesting piece but i'm not sure i buy the premise. host: how do you fix the
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3